Welcome to our Tech Blog!
By: Jeff Yeh

Hello, and welcome to the WeddingWire Tech Blog!  I'm excited to kick-start (what I hope to be) an insightful peak into who we are and what product development is like here at WeddingWire.  These posts will come directly from our team members, and thus provide a nice perspective from those who work on designing our products, building our infrastructure, and improving our work processes.

It's hard to believe that WeddingWire started with four guys sitting together in our CEO's pink living room, dreaming about how we could use technology to change the wedding industry.  Fast forward to today, and we have over 350 employees working together to make this dream a reality.  Having been on this crazy roller coaster ride since the beginning, I am definitely most proud of our corporate culture - a culture that endorses transparency, collaboration, innovation, and curiosity.  And for our Product Development team, this culture translates to a strong sense of camaraderie and constant engineering improvement.  No matter how successful we've been, or how hard we've worked on a product launch, we are never satisfied - we continue to be introspective, learn from everything we do, and push ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

So you might be wondering: what is WeddingWire made of?  For now, I'll leave you with some of the basics:

  • We build our web platform using Ruby, Java, and MySQL.
  • We use Memcached, Redis, Varnish, and Sphinx to make our platform hum.
  • We host our stuff on Amazon Web Services, and use EC2, RDS, CloudFront, and S3.
  • We also utilize services like New Relic, Travis CI, Code Climate, GitHub, and JIRA.

Meet Jeff:
Jeff is the CTO at WeddingWire. Jeff holds a Computer Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from The George Washington University. When he's not busy planning team outings, Jeff enjoys snowboarding, poker, football, and homemade desserts.