Evolution of the Brand
By: Crystal Downs

When the first version of WeddingWire launched in 2007, the design of the homepage looked something like this.  At the time, we were still trying to showcase all of our offerings: vendor search, forums, events, deals, and planning tools.

WeddingWire circa 2007:


Since then, the website has gone through a few iterations.  The first was to create more of a hierarchy to the information and giving the user more clear buckets of information.

WeddingWire circa 2008:


In 2009, we focused a big portion of our efforts on redesigning our wedding planning tools to be more user friendly and easy to use.  With that, the homepage needed more of a push to the tools and wedding websites.

WeddingWire circa 2009:


2010 was the first big revamp of the homepage.  We wanted to highlight vendor search in a big way.  We stuck with illustrations and iconography as a visual differentiator from our competitors, most of which were using photography.

WeddingWire circa 2010:


In 2013, we were ready for a big change.  It was a great opportunity for the design team to work together and take part in a major brand evolution. We started by meeting with the Exec Team to identify the goals of the redesign and understand the vision for the future of the brand.

Our Brand Goals

  1. WeddingWire is powerful, and can handle all of [her] wedding planning needs. It can act as the hub for [her] wedding planning.
  2. It’s easy, and she will have fun while she’s doing it.

We also identified words that we wanted our users to associate with the brand:
  • technology
  • approachable
  • innovative
  • modern
  • simple
  • fresh
  • credible
  • attractive
  • reliable

With this in mind, the team began brainstorming the logo – experimenting with typefaces and updating the mark.

Logo Ideation:


After several rounds of user testing, we decided to keep the mark very similar to the original logo since it performed well, but changed the typeface to give it a stronger presence.  We also freshened up the color palette with brighter teals and introduced a peachy orange as a secondary color.



For the homepage redesign, the designers were given the opportunity to go wild with initial concepts.

Design A:


Design B:


Design C:


Design D:


From there, we reviewed & critiqued the designs with the execs, chose a direction and refined the concept, pulling ideas from all of the various concepts.

The new homepage was launched in Jan 2014.  What do you think?  Does it convey the core values that we hoped to represent with the brand?



Meet Crystal:
Crystal is a Senior Design Manager at WeddingWire. Crystal is from Atlanta, GA and has a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. When she's not playing in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Indesign, Crystal enjoys crafting, photography, and designing prints for her Etsy shop.